5 Reasons to Choose Deep Blue Dive for Water Sports in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

boat tour Puerto Escondido MexicoNo Mexico beach vacation is complete without spending at least one day out on the ocean, and for total boat nuts and fun-loving travelers alike, the warm waters off the coast of Oaxaca offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to go scuba diving, sports fishing, or snorkeling, Deep Blue Dive is by far and away the top outfit in Puerto Escondido. And even if you’ve got no desire to jump overboard, Lorenzo offers awesome three hour boat tours where you can feel the wind in your face and spot dolphins, whales, manta rays, giant sea turtles, and other sea life.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…this sounds an awful lot like an advertisement for Deep Blue Dive. I can assure you that it’s not. (If anything it’s an advert for our boutique beach resort.)

Lorenzo’s got no idea that I’m even writing this, but we’ve been so impressed with his service that we simply don’t send our guests out with anyone else.

And here’s why:

1. It all begins with an honest to goodness love of the ocean and all of her creatures.

There she blows!

There she blows!

I love living in Mexico, it’s truly paradise on Earth, but sometimes I can get a little frustrated with the way that animals and wildlife are treated here. And so this was the first thing that really impressed me about Lorenzo.

Unlike many of the other sightseeing boats, you’ll never see Deep Blue Dive yanking sea turtles out of the water for tourists to poke and prod.

Lorenzo and his team have got a true respect for the animals of the sea, keeping more of an eye on conservation rather than making a few bucks at the expense of our underwater allies.

Warning: His passion for the sea is contagious!

2. The Black Marlin’s got shade!

puerto escondido dolphinsPart of the beauty of visiting the Oaxacan coast on holiday is that we’ve got just the right balance of tourism infrastructure mixed with authentic local flair. You won’t find fancy yachts lining the harbor, but Deep Blue Dive’s boat, the Black Marlin, is definitely the nicest vessel moored off of Playa Principal.

While you may be escaping to Mexico for a heavy dose of sun, it’s nice to have the option of chilling out in the shade during your excursion, and the Black Marlin is the only boat in town that can provide you some respite from the sun’s harsh rays, which can get even stronger out at sea.

Here’s how the Black Marlin is described on their website:

34 foot, two Suzuki engines 140 hp four stroke, it is the perfect boat for going diving or on boat tours. Easily fits 10 divers and tanks or 14 people for boat tours. Is equipped with two sets of stairs, cooler for drinks, GPS, sonar and anything else you need for a comfortable and safe day in the ocean.

3. Let’s face it, not all tourists are linguists.

bird riding sea turtleWhile it may be considered faux pas to travel to foreign lands without even bothering to learn how to say please and thank you in the local language, it’s just not possible to “pick up” Spanish for 7 days of vacation!

And so, it’s definitely a big plus that Lorenzo speaks fluent English.

4. Going the extra mile to make sure you get to see tons of wildlife.

Unlike boats that simply run a standard route, Deep Blue Dive does whatever it takes to get you to where the animals are.

A couple of weeks ago I went out on a sightseeing tour with some friends and we saw well over fifty bottle-nose dolphins, dozens of manta rays soaring through the air, schools of bonito (skipjack tuna), a flying marlin, countless sea turtles, and a whale off in the distance.

When it comes to seeing whales and dolphins, there’s never a guarantee, but it’s always best to improve your chances!

Olive ridley sea turtle surfacing for air.

Olive ridley sea turtle surfacing for air.

5. No room for cowboys.

When it comes to safety and comfort, their boat captain is second to none. You won’t need to worry about any showboating or other dangerous maneuvers while out on the water.

They’re also courteous and respectful to other boats.

Sounds great, so how do I get involved?

Having an amazing time on the Black Marlin.

Having an amazing time on the Black Marlin.

If you’re staying here with us at Gecko Rock, we can reserve your trip for you ahead of time before you arrive. If you’re coming with a group of friends it’s possible to arrange a private tour for just your group.

You can also contact them directly, and Lorenzo is always quick to get back to you:

Address: Calle del Morro s/n, col. Marinero Playa Zicatela 71986 Puerto Escondido

Mexico Tel: (+52) 954-100-3071

E-mail: lorenzo_bini@hotmail.com


Their office is located at Hotel Ines, on the main drag opposite Zicatela Beach.

You can find all pertinent information with regards to pricing, dive conditions, and PADI dive courses here on their website.

Looking back towards the Puerto Escondido light house.

Looking back towards the Puerto Escondido light house.


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