Why you should consider Puerto Escondido, Mexico for your next beach vacation.

Gorgeous BeachesI am honestly blown away by how many people, out of the endless choices of vacation destinations, choose Hawaii, California, or Florida year after year after year. I mean, it is not that these places aren’t beautiful, with great beaches and lots of fun things to do, but over time your holidays become safe, comfortable, and routine.

Safe, comfortable, and routine…to me this sounds an awful lot like the regular life that vacation is meant to be an escape from!

OK, sure, I’m bias. I live in Mexico and we chose this country out of every other country on the planet to plant roots and build our own little boutique beach resort. Of course I’m going to tell you that it’s awesome here!

Getting away for a while isn’t just about finding accommodation in a different zip code, it’s about adventure.

Holidays are about recharging your batteries and resuscitating your soul, so that when you return home you are refreshed and ready to battle life again. A vacation is meant to create everlasting memories. It shouldn’t be just another week on the calendar where everything’s the same except for your room and the weather.

Mexico is great because you get all the safe and comfortable, but without the routine. It’s such a vibrant and lively country, that even for those of us that live here year round, every day is an adventure, whether you’re looking for it or not.

Iguana EatingThe mundane has a way of being extraordinary here. From shopping at the market to buying hot tortillas fresh off the press at the tortillería, every walk of Mexican life moves to a melody, to the point that even running errands brightens up your day.

While big box stores are certainly available in the big cities, in small town Mexico, where we’re at, the concept of a one-stop-shop is absurd, and why would we want that? We buy our mangoes from the mango lady in Tomatal, pineapples from the pineapple truck, and dorado and atún fresh from the fish market.

Mexico’s real charm can’t be seen in the guide books.

The beaches in Oaxaca are awesome, and the cultural and historical sites scattered across the country are amazing, but what truly makes Mexico special is the people, and their own unique way of looking at the world and at life in general.

I do my best every day to try and integrate myself a little more to the Mexican way of living. This relaxed, laid back way of life seems to melt the stress away from people who, according to my expat values, ought to be crippled with it.

In Mexico the people around you are always laughing and smiling. And it’s contagious.

Our own little piece of paradise.

If you’re already keen on Mexico, but have never heard of Puerto Escondido, I highly recommend that you put this blog and Google to work. Places like Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo are great if you’re looking for rowdy night clubs, gigantic mega resorts with swim-up bars, and chain restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe and McDonald’s. They’re amazing places to party, but not really where you want to go if relaxation and getting a feel for the local culture are on your holiday to-do list.

Puerto Escondido is the perfect blend of tourism infrastructure and authentic Mexican town. You’ll be able to find dozens of hotel and restaurant options as well as boat tours, fishing excursions, eco-tourism, horseback rides, and a long list of different beaches to explore. Sure, it’s set up for tourists, but with a unique local flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

You may have one extra stop-over on your way here, instead of flying direct into Mazatlan, but once you get a taste for the unique Mexico experience only found in Puerto Escondido, you won’t ever go back to a pre-fab resort town ever again.

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