101 Reasons to Visit Mexico

1. Sunrise at the Beach

Get up early folks, the sunrises here are even better than the sunsets.

2. Eat Authentic Tacos

The real deal is nothing like what you order off the 99 cent value menu at Taco Bell. Tacos al pastor hot off the rotisserie at an authentic Mexican taquería is a truly local experience worth adding to your bucket list.
tacos puerto escondido oaxaca

3. Become a History Buff

Mexico is filled to the brim with top-quality museums and historical sites.

4. Scuba Diving

Most Mexican beach destinations offer at least one quality dive shop for aficionados of underwater adventure.

5. Explore Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is one of the world’s most underrated metropolises. From stunning squares to colonial architecture, world class museums and a lively nightlife and culinary scene, there’s something for everybody in el DF.

6. Deep Sea Fishing

Nothing quite as exhilarating as hauling in a 25 pound dorado!
mexico flag fishing boat puerto escondido

7. Try Tlayudas in Oaxaca State

Perhaps inappropriately named Oaxacan Pizza by gringos, you simply can’t leave Oaxaca without savoring at least one tlayuda. It’s an extra-large tostada smothered with beans, tasajo, chorizo, Oaxacan cheese and vegetables.

8. Visit Unesco World Heritage Sites

As of July 2015 there are 33 total Unesco World Heritage sites in Mexico (27 cultural sites, 5 natural and 1 mixed.)

9. Gorgeous Beaches

Whether you prefer strolling by yourself on secluded shores or showing off your new bikini to the crowds, there’s a beach that fits your style in Mexico.
Gorgeous Beaches

10. Perfect Tropical Weather

Escape the cold during those brutal northern winters. The sun’s almost always shining down here.

11. Sip a Margarita

Lime. Strawberry. Blended or on the rocks. No trip south of the border is complete without knocking back at least one of the country’s signature cocktails.

12. Climb a Pyramid

Chichen Itza, Palenque, Teotihuacán, Monte Albán…take a journey to the past at any number of Mexico’s awesome archeological sites.

13. Tour a Tequila Distillery

Head to the blue agave fields of Tequila, Jalisco and learn how Mexico’s famous liquor is manufactured. (Tours include degustación (tasting), of course!)

14. Diego Rivera

Catch of glimpse of Mexico’s Communist past through the eyes of the nation’s most famed artist.

15. Frida Kahlo

Tour the home where Frida and Diego Rivera once lived. The Casa Azul is now a mini museum and gallery in the funky Coyoacán neighborhood. Coyoacán is a great place to go for a wander to get an idea of real life in Mexico City.

16. Sample a Selection of Hot Sauce

Valentino’s, Cholula, Búfalo and more…lovers of all things picante will be drooling come meal time.

17. Visit Guadalajara

Mexico’s “2nd City” is the birthplace of mariachi music and home to the famous Chivas football club.

18. Mezcal

Tequila’s beefier brother from Oaxaca State. Eat the worm or don’t? It’s up to you!

19. Dolphin Watching in the Wild

You’ll never visit an aquarium again after seeing these majestic creatures free in the wild.
puerto escondido dolphins

20. Pick up a Wrestling Mask

Mexicans love their lucha libre. Pick up a mask at the market in Mexico City.

21. Gorgeous Handicrafts

It’s easy to shop for unforgettable souvenirs. From pottery to tapestry, every craft is represented by the fine artisans of Mexico. For an unbelievable selection head to Mercado de Artesanías de la Ciudadela in Mexico City.

22. Explore Cenotes on Yucatán Peninsula

Don’t know what a cenote is? You’re going to want to find out.

23. Party in Cancún

If you’re looking for the ultimate wild night out, the discos of Cancún will have you dancing all night long.

24. Surf the Mexican Pipeline

Even if you’re not a beach bum, spending the day watching the big waves (and the big wave surfers) at Mexico’s most famous surf break, Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido, is a great excuse for knocking back cervezas in the sun.

25. San Miguel de Allende

There’s a reason gringos have flocked to this gorgeous colonial town six hours north of the capital.

26. Friendly People

The locals in Mexico are seriously laid-back.
puerto escondido

27. Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City offers a special blend of indigenous markets, stunning colonial architecture, Zapotec ruins, distinctive gastronomy and access to a host of unique sites of interest just up the valley.

28. It’s Affordable

Mexico is an excellent travel destination for stretching your dollars. From accommodation to shopping, activities and dining out, it’s incredibly affordable here, particularly when you take quality into account.

29. Gecko Rock Resort

See how we snuck that in there :)

In all seriousness, though, if you’re after relaxation and great food, you can’t do better than our little paradise on the coast.

30. Experience an Arribada

While they’re difficult to predict. Don’t miss out on experiencing the mass laying of the Olive Ridley sea turtles if they happen to arrive while you’re in Puerto Escondido.

31. Jumping Sting Rays

Wow! Just wow.
ray ray

32. Fresh Salsas on the Table

Fresh homemade salsas at even the most basic restaurants and comedors means you’ll never have a bland bite in Mexico.

33. Go Out Dancing

Whether you’re after modern night clubs or traditional Latin dancing, it’s easy to find somewhere to get your groove on.

34. Enjoy Shrimp Cocktail on the Coast

Mexican shrimp cocktail, with a ton of avocado, is a real treat…particularly under the shade of a beach umbrella with your toes in the sand.

35. Give Mole a Go

This Oaxacan specialty sauce provokes an indescribable flavor sensation. It’s not for everyone but those who love it swear by its subtle combination of chocolate, coffee and spice.

36. Wander the Markets

If you’ve never strolled through a traditional Mexican market you’ll be blown away by the colors, sights and sounds.
Santa Domingo Sunday Market Oaxaca

37. Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino

This ecological reserve in Baja California is a must see.

38. Fresh Handmade Corn Tortillas

You haven’t eaten a tortilla until you try the real McCoy.

39. Shop for Talavera

Puebla is the home of this stunning hand-painted Morocco-inspired pottery. The art traversed the Atlantic from Spain and is still alive in Mexico’s crockery and ceramic tiles.

40. Blown Glass

Pick up a set of striking blown glass Margarita glasses to be the hostess with the mostess back home.

41. Visit Guanajuato

This colorful mountain town was once home to the country’s great silver barons.

42. Fresh Fish

If you like seafood, you’ll love coastal Mexico. Period.

43. Relax under the Palapa

Nothing screams tropical vacation quite like a thatch roof. Spending the afternoon relaxing with your under the shade of a palapa is time well spent.

44. Shop for Silver in Taxco

Taxco makes the ultimate weekend getaway from Mexico City. The original Spanish capital is nestled in the mountains, offering winding cobblestone streets, amazing architecture and spectacular silverwork at prices you won’t believe.

45. Mariachi Bands

You may not be interested in plugging an extra-long mariachi playlist into your MP3 player, but it’s definitely a big part of the must-do Mexico experience.

46. San José del Pacífico

Visit the cloud forest in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountain range between Oaxaca City and the coast. Make sure you rent a cabin with a fireplace as it’s chilly up there in the clouds.

47. Waterfalls

Check out the magic waterfalls in the mountains above Huatulco. It’s a bumpy ride on dirt roads but worth the journey.

48. Rock Climbing

Potrero Chico near Hidalgo is just south of the US border and a world famous big wall sport climbing paradise.

49. Hike in Tepozteco National Park

Climb 1200 feet to 600 year old Aztec temples and incredible valley views near Cuernavaca.

50. San Cristóbal de las Casas

An exquisite colonial gem in the mountains of Chiapas. Explore surrounding indigenous villages on horseback.

51. Mountain Bike Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido

Not for the faint of heart. This multi-day bike trip requires a local guide and quality gear.

52. Exceptional Bird Watching

With countless lagoons, lakes, mountains, jungles and rivers there’s a lot more nature to love in Mexico than most people realize.
Baby Egrets in Nest

53. Perfect for Reptile Lovers

Mexico is a herpetologist’s dream: geckos, iguanas, crocodiles and every lizard imaginable in between. Plenty of frogs and toads, too.
Feeding the Iguanas

54. Fabulous Shopping

Mexico City is a shopper’s paradise, with modern malls, upscale boutiques and plenty of traditional markets.

55. La Ventanilla Laguna Tour

Spy birds, crocodiles, iguanas and turtles, up close and personal from your guided rowboat.

56. Chill out in a Hammock

Take a load off in style. Many beach restaurants provide hammocks alongside the tables so you can have a snooze while you wait for the food to arrive. Ah, paradise.

57. Eat Pozole

Pozole is a traditional pre-Columbian stew made with hominy, meat and vegetables. Try both rojo (red) and verde (green).

58. Buy a Sombrero

You’ll need two sombreros. The cheap woven version to wear during your vacation and a colorful decorative one to hang on the wall at home.

59. Baked Flan

Mexico may not be world renowned for desserts but a slice of flan Napolitano will knock your socks off.

60. Let it all Hang out at Zipolite

Visit the beach from the Mexican cult classic film Y Tu Mamá También. If you’re brave there’s a nude beach nearby.

61. DIY Corona Commercial

Grab a bucket of ice cold Coronas and get out your selfie stick. It’s time to plaster social media and make friends and family back home jealous.

62. Incredible Diversity

Many people inaccurately only consider Mexico as a beach destination. The beaches are awesome but so are the colonial cities, ancient ruins and mountain villages. You’ll find amazing biodiversity as well, with deserts, jungles and everything in between.

63. Amble through the Zócalo

One of the largest public squares in the world, the Zócalo is bordered by the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

64. Discover Mountain Villages

Some of the most interesting places to see in Mexico are off the beaten path. You’ll find a much simpler life deep into the mountains.
town hall santa domingo oaxaca mexico

65. Easy Transport

Hopping from place to place is super easy, affordable and comfortable due to Mexico’s network of first class bus companies.

66. Go Bohemian in Mazunte

An eclectic beach town on the Oaxacan coast known for its unique granola ambiance.

67. Beer Selection

A lot of people “think” they know Mexican beer until they get here. From Indio to Bohemia, Negra Modelo and more, there’s a lot more to Mexican beer than Corona and a lime.

68. Drink a Fresh Coconut

Grab a coco frío and plop in a straw.

69. Interesting Music

Mexican music creates a lively atmosphere that’s easy to dance to…well, after a couple beers.

70. Learn about Indigenous Cultures

There are still plenty of places you can visit in Mexico where the locals will barely speak Spanish. In particular Oaxaca and Chiapas States are excellent destinations for learning about pre-Colombian Mexico.

71. Go to the Rodeo

Everyone thinks fútbol is the national sport of Mexico but it just might be the rodeo.

72. Anthropology Museum in Mexico City

The Museo de Antropología Nacional is perhaps the top museum in the world in terms of pre-Colombian American artifacts. The highlight, of course, is the famed Aztec sun stone.

73. Breathe in the Jungle

Listen to the howler monkeys as you explore ancient ruins in Chiapas just like Indiana Jones.

74. Take to the Skies with a Microlite Flight

Captain Roberto brought his Microlite all the way over from Italy to share his love of flight with Puerto Escondido. Choose from beach or mountain trips.
Club Vuelo Ventanilla

75. Horseback Riding on the Beach

The world looks different from the back of a horse. In Mexico you can ride off into the sunset, literally.
La Punta beach by horseback

76. Sip a Cup of Hot Oaxacan Chocolate

Oaxacan chocolate is quite different than what you’re probably used it. It’s thicker, less sweet and flavored with cinnamon…but boy it sure is good with a plate of churros.

77. Leon Trotsky House

This small, quirky museum will give you an entirely different angle on the history of Mexico and Mexico City.

78. Go Snorkeling

Both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines are teeming with coral reefs and tropical fish. Grab your mask and fins and hit the water.
Snorkel Rental

79. Appreciate Colonial Architecture

Mexico offers an incredible collection of structures featuring the New Spanish Baroque architectural style from the colonial period. Newer neoclassical buildings mark the post-independence era.

80. Bask in the Bright Colors

Mexico doesn’t do subtle when it comes to panache. It’s bold, bold and more bold.

81. Browse Piñatas

Mexico’s piñateros are talented artists who take piñata making far beyond your standard children’s birthday party fare.

82. Gobble Up Mexican Sweet Breads

Visit any bakery and find a wide array of Mexican sweet breads and other treats to enjoy with your morning coffee or chocolate. If you’re around for the Day of the Dead, try pan de yema, a rich, sugar-coated egg bread you can pull apart and eat like pastry.
mexican sweet breads

83. Enjoy Fresh Organic Coffee in Oaxaca & Chiapas

Coffee direct out of the mountains is out of this world good. Oaxaca and Chiapas are the two primary coffee producing states.
coffee Oaxaca

84. Load up on Guacamole

If you’ve ever wondered if the guacamole is better in Mexico. Yes. Yes, it is.

85. Tear into a Huge Papaya

Mexican papayas are enormous. Just one can serve as an entire meal…for two!

86. Palm Trees and Tropical Foliage

Mexico is home to some incredible botanical gardens. Everywhere you look you seem to find yet another plant you’ve never seen before.
ventanilla lagoon

87. Visit a Coffee Plantation

Organic coffee plantations are quite a bit different than most commercial coffee farms. Head up into the mountains and see how shade grown coffee blends together with the forest naturally.

88. A Variety of Cacti

There are so many different types of cactus here that it truly boggles the mind.

89. Plenty of Swimming Options

Whether you’re chilling out at the hotel pool or trying your hand at boogie boarding in the Pacific, it’s easy to cool off and enjoy a quick dip.

90. Golf

All major resort towns will offer at least one championship level golf course. Just be sure to bring your credit card and expect to pay through the nose for a round of golf in paradise!

91. Puerto Escondido

We’re bias but Puerto Escondido is truly awesome. The perfect blend of an authentic Mexico experience with just enough tourism infrastructure to offer all your favorite activities.

92. Boutique Hotel Culture

In Mexico you don’t have to stay at giant resorts with no personality. There’s a thriving boutique hotel scene here to add just an extra dash of special to your vacation.

93. Cliff Divers in Acapulco

The La Quebrada Cliff Divers perform daily in Acapulco, leaping from an incredible 115 feet into waters that average just 12 feet in depth.

94. Stay at the Famous Los Flamingos Hotel

Relive Acapulco’s Hollywood glory days at the celebrated Los Flamingos Hotel. The hotel was a hot spot during the 1960s for actors such as John Wayne and Johnny Weismuller.

95. Soak up the Sun

Pull up a chaise lounge and get to work on that holiday tan.

96. Fill up on Mangos

Mango season is a special time in Mexico. Eat ‘em fresh or blend up a mango daiquiri.

97. ¡Aguas de Fruta!

In Mexico it’s more common to drink agua de fruta with your meal than Coke or juice. A blended mixture of fruit, sugar and water, aguas come in every flavor imaginable.
Santa Domingo market fresh fruit aguas mexico

98. Dive into a World of Chile Lime

Mexicans put chile lime on everything, including fruit and cucumber! When in Rome do as the Romans.

99. Practice your Spanish

Hola. Una cerveza por favor.


100. Head up the Valley to Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua literally translates to where the water boils but people generally call this natural rock formation outside of Oaxaca the Frozen Waterfalls. It’s something else.

101. Glorious Sunsets

What a beautiful way to end the day!

Sunset at Gecko Rock.

Sunset at Gecko Rock.

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