8 Can’t Miss Experiences for your Puerto Escondido Holiday

Part of the beauty of traveling overseas is collecting new and exciting experiences to plug into your memory bank.

Here are eight activities you’ll want to get ticked off your Puerto Escondido or Huatulco vacation to-do list:

1. Enjoy a coco frío.

coconut puerto escondidoCoconuts are super healthy and full of all-natural electrolytes.

And nothing screams Tropical Beach Vacation than dropping a straw into your own coconut.

Keep an eye peeled for small booths off the side of the road marked “Cocos Fríos”.

2. Catch some shut eye in a hammock.

A swinging nap between a pair of palms is the supreme “tropical” experience.

Grab your favorite book or simply slide your hat over your brow and start counting iguanas.

3. Toss your iPad into the ocean.

Maybe not…but do take a moment to power down your electronics and unplug from your life of 100% connectivity.

Relish in the freedom of being truly free from your devices. Relax, your responsibilities will still be there when you turn your phone back on.

4. Barter for something.

calculator santa domingo market oaxaca mexican fruit store
Haggling with street vendors is a lot of fun once you get used to it.

At least once during your vacation you should refuse to pay full price and give your bartering skills a whirl.

5. Take a stroll through Benito Juarez Market.

There’s no more representative Mexican experience than shopping at the market.

We even wrote an entire post about Benito Juarez Market in Puerto Escondido.

6. Visit an authentic taquería.

tacos puerto escondido oaxacaDining at an authentic Mexican taquería is a great way to have a great night for next to nothing.

But don’t try to find a taquería around lunchtime. They usually won’t open until 7:00 or so. We recommend any place that offers tacos al pastor (rotisserie grilled pork tacos.)

7. Try some “real” tequila.

When shopping for tequila, always look for 100% Agave on the bottle.

Of course in Oaxaca you might want to go for mezcal instead. A fantastic option is to take this awesome artisan mezcal tasting tour.

8. Hop on a micro (local bus).

Riding on a local bus is the ultimate Mexican experience. With trumpets blaring and tassels swinging, you’ll have so much fun that you might miss your stop!

If you are truly adventurous climb into the back of a colectivo.

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